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Quantum Scalar Libraries - i40, i80, i500 & i6000

Quantum Scalar Libraries

i40, i80, i500 & i6000


A range of scalable tape libraries that grow with the needs of your business (Pay As You Grow) offering the best price/performance in the market
With over 35000 units installed iLayer software (exclusive to Scalar Libraries) has been proven to - 

Reduce library faults by 50%,

Reduce library admin time by 75%

95% of Scalar customers would recommend a Scalar library to others 

What is ilayer?

Intelligent library management software that  REDUCES SERVICE CALLS BY 50%

Improves Reliability, proven to reduce service calls by 50% & decreases time to resolution by 35%

 93% of Scalar Customers experience increased reliability over their previous library.

Reduces administration time by 75% - Automates Library Management

Customer Satisfaction - 99% of Scalar Customers would recommend Scalar libraries to others 

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